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Fast Food

Ideal for Take Out & Delivery Service Operators

Aldelo For Restaurants Lite Edition is a smarter cash register replacement for Take Out & Delivery Restaurants. This edition of the software is ideal for restaurants that only need the ability to create, modify and settle orders. Features for complete delivery tracking, visual map integration, Caller ID and payment processing integration are also supported as well.

Seamless Upgrade to Pro Edition

Aldelo For Restaurants Lite Edition is great for restaurants seeking a POS solution to address order taking and order settlement features, but not yet ready for all of the advanced features that the Pro Edition offers. Best of all, the Lite Edition will seamlessly upgrade to our Pro Edition when you are ready.

Low Entry Price, High Return on Investment

Aldelo For Restaurants Lite Edition is an exceptional value at an ultra low entry price. This solution is much more than just a cash register replacement, but it is also significantely simpler to setup and use compared with our Pro Edition.

Aldelo For Restaurants Lite Edition is perfect for those small take out and delivery restaurants not yet ready for the full feature set offered by our Pro Edition.

Depending on your business needs, cost of POS systems suitable for your type of business may vary. Please call us or contact us with your necessities so we can provide you with an accurate quote.

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